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About framingsounds

Chris H Lynn is a filmmaker and sound artist from the United States

New dialogues 4

I am excited to share a new installment of the dialogue series. Big thanks to Una Lee and Daniel Barbiero. Have a look.

Score: Daniel Barbiero
Original text and narration: Una Lee and Chris H Lynn.
Dialogues is an exchange of poems, letters, or notes that are presented as voice- overs. Each narration is accompanied with the same landscape

Kyuja Bae’s A dance of trauma and How to carry stones in us with the Sky Dancers.

Really thrilled and moved that “Then. and then…” my collaborative sound piece with Hiroko Komiya was used for Kyuja Bae’s powerful and moving Butoh performance A dance of trauma and her performance with the Sky performers How to carry stones in us. I posted the two videos below. Here is some info about Kyuja, a Norway based interdisciplinary artist and her collaborators, Check it out.

A dance of trauma:

Dance: Kyuja Bae 

Video: Vegard Landsverk 

Music: Then.and then by Chris H Lynn & Hiroko Komiya

Editing: Ioannis Lelakis

Arigatou to Hiroko and Kyuja Bae

Silence of Silence


I am happy to share  another collaboration with Hiroko which features Austrian poet Carla Rihl. A great pleasure to listen to this poem in German and to imagine this landscape.

From Hiroko:

It was mid summer in the mountain and forest by the lake and river.I
started to record voice.The voice had a presence like a flowing
landscape. It was time to listen and take a deep breath with the forest
air. Thanks to Carla Rihl for participating with her voice and poem.
This track is a combination of voice recording and Chris’s piano
performance. This series of voices will continue.

“Silence of Silence”
Translated from German to English.

S                           O                               S

Silence of waking up

Silence of falling asleep

Silence of dreaming

Silence of believing

Silence of pain

Silence of hope

Silence in a crowd

Silence between two words

Silence in an empty space

Silence of loneliness

Silence of leaving

Silence of letting go

Silence because death is screaming

Silence of listening

Silence of a sacred place

Silence of feeling

Silence of anger

Silence of being forced

Silence of sinking

Silence of singing

Silence of darkness

Silence of your eyes

Silence of magic

Silence of shining

Silence of tragic

Silence under water

Silence of surprise

Silence of you being nice

Silence of love

Silence of greeting

silence of praying

Silence of waving

Silence of raving

Silence of stumbling

Silence of stopping

Silence of blocking

Silence of cutting

Silance of disrupting

Silence of disapprove

silence of dissolving

Silence of dying

Silence of flying

Silence of memory

Silence of a tear

Silence you can’t hear

Silence of creating

Silence of regretting

Silence of forgetting

Silence of emerging

Silence of images

Silence of numbers

Silence of a system

Silence of history

Silence of a spotlight

Silence of observing

Silence of showing

Silence of flowing

Silence of waiting

Silence of the clock

Silence of passing

Silence of tracing

Silence of touch

Silence of breaking

silence of bleeding

Silence of breathing

Silence of hearts beating

silence of pleasing

Silence of releasing

Silence of trying

Silence of walking

silence of finding

Silence of fading

Silence of staying

Silence of saying

Silence of Silence

Silence of


Voice and Poem: Carla Rihl

Concept, Recording and Photo: Hiroko Komiya

Piano: Chris H Lynn

Ima no oto 今の音  New track with Hiroko Komiya

green leaf 5731

Here is the fourth published track with Hiroko: Ima no oto 今の音. This one was recorded on an early summer morning/late afternoon. From Hiroko:

Early summer day, it was our 2nd appointment of same timing recording. 
This Japanese title means “the sound of now”.Morning in Maryland, U.S. and late afternoon in Toscana Italy. In these distant places, we recorded the sound of that moment of that day. Field recording of the driving car and bird voice, etc. And acoustic sound of breathing and Russian harp. This track is a meeting of sound of that moment. More we will continue this series !

More to come.

Photo: Hiroko Komiya.

The light of early spring

New color super 8 film in the Journal of Drifting Hours series-

The light of early spring is a color super 8 film from the Journal of Drifting Hours series shot in Maryland, USA. The last three images were filmed at Rachel Carson’s house in Silver Spring, Md. 
Rachel Carson was an author, ecologist, and biologist whose writings launched the global environmentalist movement.
The Journal series: Drifting moments, lyrical passages, memory impulses, landscape studies and visual notations explored on super 8 film