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Miniature Landscape Correspondance in Italy for Soundscapes and Sound Identities

Very excited to report the Miniature Landscape Correspondence with Una Lee will be screened in Italy for the Soundscapes and Sound Identities festival and symposium. Una will also be performing her own piece as well.This is going to be great!
Links are provided below-


May Events!


Exciting events coming up in the next week or so. A special thanks to Una for the Soundscapes and Sound Identities symposium.




Landscape Tempo 1-7

An ongoing exploration of the audiovisual in urban and rural landscapes.
These views (occurrences) reflect the rhythm and tempo of isolated or single moments . They are normally composed of one or two scenes.
Tofino, British Columbia, Canada
Nanjing, China
Maryland, USA
Virginia, USA
Baoying, China
Normandie, France

Note: This project is still evolving and may change, but for now, here is a small sample.

Lynlee- Collaborative Creative Adventure





Lynlee is a very exciting collaborative adventure that I am undertaking with  sound artist Una Lee. As a duo, we plan to share our ideas, field recordings, remixes and visuals to create works we both find satisfying and new. We are in the early stages, but we already have produced a number of tracks and a short film. We will be posting our compositions on the Lynlee soundcloud page which is located below.  Expect more details as the project develops, but for now-have a listen!